Lady No Legs and assistant, Hans, are the modern day equivalent to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, but the scope of Lady No Legs extends to sciences and arts. She is an expert surgeon and chemical engineer, a physicist and a master of robotics, a concert pianist and architect. Her assistant generally carries her from place to place and provides her with all she needs including a watchful eye for her comfort and safety.

Lady No Legs comes from Syria where she lost her legs in an attack on her village. She was saved from certain death by a brilliant Japanese surgeon, Dr. Yokai. Lady No Legs eventually becomes his student where she meets Hans. She learns of Dr. Yokai’s delusional ambitions of greatness and turns down an offer to work with him on a new type of artificial intelligence.

After Lady No Legs becomes a surgeon, she creates her own robotic legs that bond with her body in an organic, electromagnetic process. She creates the legs through biological process, literally growing them instead of manufacturing them. This is the process she will use defeat the artificial intelligence of Dr. Yokai.

Dr. Yokai comes to the forefront of the world when he announces his artificial intelligence has penetrated virtually all electronics on Earth. Dr. Yokai’s goal is to unite the world by threatening to destroy it. Lady No Legs is able to disable his robots using biology instead of mechanics and electronics. In the end, Lady No Legs and Dr. Yokai face off in a duel of technology, Lady No Legs is obligated to destroy Dr. Yokai despite him saving her and being successful at uniting the world against him. He acknowledges this as he dies and knew it was his destiny to die by her hands for the sake of humanity.


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