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“MAEGASHIRA 15” The son of a champion sumo wrestler trains from boyhood, slowly working his way through the ranks along side his older brother. The father prefers the older brother and rewards him to the point of neglecting his younger son. Because of the this, the boy becomes resentful and pours his emotions into his training.

One day at practice he beats his brother in a bout officiated by his father, who despite the win, is sceptical of the younger boy’s talent. As the boys grow older, their competition begins to include material things and women, the older brother become wealthy as a sumo wrestler and flaunting his success. The younger brother is a professional himself, but hasn’t the winning record he needs to move up.

After the father dies, the older brother loses his motivation and starts to lose, the younger brother is glad for the demise of his father, he is winning more matches and moving up. The brothers fight at home over their conflicting feelings about their father, the older brother being loyal despite the obvious neglect of his younger brother.

At the next tournament, the older brother loses his rank and is demoted for a losing record. The younger brother ends up winning the tournament. He becomes sullen and depressed, begins to drink and gamble. Despite the efforts of his wife and younger brother, the older brother is caught gambling and is suspended from sumo, shaming the family.

The younger brother is among the lower ranking professionals, he is Maegashira 15, but is goal is to be Yokozuna, the top rank of all sumo. There is only one Yakazuna, and it takes years and many wins to become one, but to be one for the younger brother would bring the redemption of his family’s name in the eyes of sumo and he makes it his goal.

The Yokozuna is a giant of a man, he has his own style of sumo and is experienced with many techniques. Despite this, the younger brother beats him in a match, their first meeting, but he is injured and needs to heal fast. An old woman shows him her secret recipe she would cook for her husband, a Yakazuna from long ago, she brings him to her house and shows him pictures of the past and talks about the spirit and tradition of sumo.

She then guides him to a man who will weave him a special Mawashi that is endowed with an ancient blessing. This will be what he needs to over come all the opponents he must face to become the top ranking Yakazuna.
the younger brother sees a great success after changing his diet and the new Mawashi, but soon he sees he has a very strong opponent using his own form of food and spiritual help. This man beats the younger brother in a match, sending him into a confusion and doubt that he must face within himself.

The younger brother realizes that despite any help from outside, it is always himself that must manifest the spirit and strength, the courage and presence of mind to beat a stronger opponent. He meets his older brother one night, and after they talk, he realizes he has the power and experience to beat his strongest opponent in the next tournament.


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