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Live Performance and Video Art from Jim Caron.

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The most recent productions from Jim Caron are included here and updated on a regular basis! This is all part of the FREE Television Service from ZeTVo.com!
Jim Caron works from the Los Angeles area in Southern California and has been the long-time cartoonist for Mat Gleason’s Coagula Art Journal.
Jim Caron also is a regular at Drome Box Labs in Los Angeles and performs a One Hour Special about every 6 weeks, very similar to the old Bob Hope Specials, it’s a live one hour show!
Currently, Jim Caron has authored a number of productions that you can see at originalfeaturefilms.com. Please have a look and have some fun.
Jim Caron is currently owner and producer at ZeTVo.com and welcomes you to respond at



This book is a compilation of works selected by Mat Gleason, all were published by Mat in his famous Coagula Art Journal. Mat currently publishes Coagula and is owner of the magnificent Coagula Curitorial Art Gallery on Chung King Road in China Town, Los Angeles.

The book is large format and and contains drawings and comics from Jim Caron that were all featured in his book signing and art show at Coagula Curitorial.


Jim Caron

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