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The H-Man - Great Japanese Sci Fi from 1958. Radioactive Ghosts seek out, dissolve and consume people. Sneaking up on people as a slimy green blob moving through water or along the walls. Very creepy!

The Original Title of “The H-Man” was translated from Japanese as: “Beauty and the Liquid People”. Produced in 1958, “The H-Man” followed the 1954 production of “Godzilla”, the big difference being “The H-Man” is in color and features a vastly different Japanese culture than the one we saw in “Godzilla”.
This English dubbed production has much of the gangster related part of the film’s story deleted. The trick photography and special effects were rated by Hollywood reviewers as top notch and extremely well done.
There is complete information on the film at Wikipedia that offers in depth detail on this great film.

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